Counselling for Individuals & Employees


Navigating life’s turbulent waters can be tricky and sometimes we may need help. Counselling can provide you with a calm, safe space where you can take time out from your situation and see it from a fresh perspective.

Having the opportunity to explore and work through the difficulties you are facing can bring a sense of clarity. Through counselling I can help you to to find a way forward and make positive changes to your life.

It may be that you’d like to lessen the impact that past experiences are having on your life. Or it could be a more recent challenge that you’d like help with. Maybe you’re experiencing difficult thoughts and feelings but aren’t sure why. Whatever has led you to consider counselling, I will guide you through the process without judgement and at a pace that suits you.

If you would like any more information or would like to book. Please just get in touch.


Sessions for adults last one hour and cost £55.00 per session.

Many of my clients find it more convenient and cost effective to pre-pay and pre-schedule a block of six counselling sessions.

Additional sessions and blocks of sessions can also be purchased.

6 x 60 minute counselling sessions either online via zoom or face to face.

Package Price – £310 ( a saving of £15)

Employee Counselling

  • Our employee counselling service provides the opportunity for individuals to work through current challenges whilst gaining the tools and strategies to maintain mental wellbeing in the future.
  • Because we get to know you and your business, we can encourage and support open communication. We can also identify any systemic issues and work with you to make any business changes needed to optimise the mental wellbeing and resilience of your people. 
  • Setting up a referral pathway for your business is simple and we make it easy for your people to refer themselves for counselling.

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We firmly believe that the accessibility of counselling is essential in ensuring a positive outcome. To find out more or to set up a referral pathway for your organisation please get in touch.